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Arena Capital Fx



Arena Capital Fx is a Forex broker, providing traders with access to the global Forex market through top tier FX liquidity providers.

With Arena Capital Fx, you will experience super-fast trade execution, as well as interbank grade, RAW ECN spreads. When combined, these elements offer clients a true institutional trading experience, across a wide range of trading instruments.


Arena Capital Fx

Mission & Vision


To open the global markets, connect you to leading investors and give you the tools you need to grow your knowledge and wealth.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and reliable trading solutions that cater to the diverse needs of traders.

Through cutting-edge educational content, expert insights, and user-friendly platforms

we are committed to fostering a trading environment that promotes growth, learning, and sustainable success.


Be a successful trading, lean, flexible and capable of providing total integrated services to the customers in the changing environment.

Empower traders of all levels with the knowledge, & tools they need to navigate the world of financial markets successfully

We envision a global community of informed and confident traders who can make well-informed decisions

Achieve their financial goals, and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of trading

Why Choose Arena Capital Fx

Arena Capital Fx has grown to become one of the largest MetaTrader 4 Forex CFD provider in the world by giving traders what they really want.

Fast Execution

Arena Capital Fx utilises enterprise grade hardware on our trade servers in the NY4 & LD5 data centre in New York & London respectively. Our trader servers are collocated with the data server of our pricing providers in these data centres. Dedicated fibre optic cross connects us and our pricing providers to ensure the lowest latency and fastest possible trade execution for our clients.

Superior Technology

Arena Capital Fx has partnered with the world’s best trading technology companies to bring you the ultimate trading experience and cutting edge trading tools. These tools include: Depth of Market (DoM), inbuilt spread monitoring, ladder trading, automated close of trades with custom order templates, and more. Our iPhone and Android trading applications have been optimised to provide you the best possible mobile trading experience.

Advanced Trading Tools

Our additions to MetaTrader 4 such as a one click trade module, market depth, spread monitor, trade risk calculator, and advanced order types previously not available on MetaTrader 4 make for a better trading experience.

Superior Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader are 3 of the best trading platforms available today. Arena Capital Fx has revolutionised forex trading by giving traders direct access to our Raw Pricing using any of these popular trading platforms.

Trust and Transparency

Trust and Transparency form the basis of Arena Capital Fx core values. Arena Capital Fx is a regulated Forex CFD provider that applies Raw Spreads on its main and most famous account type, so there is no requotes, no price manipulation and no restrictions.