Fraud Awareness

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Fraud Awareness

Staying safe online

View our basic tips to help you stay safe online, check current fraud scams that you should be aware of, and see an outline of what you should expect from us as a company

Be wary of fraudsters

Watch out for online contact from fraudsters who are offering victims the opportunity to take part in ‘get rich quick schemes’ by trading in financial instruments.

How a typical scam works:

(i) Individuals set up social media accounts and include screenshots of trading, cash and try to convince followers that they are established and successful traders of financial instruments

(ii) The fraudsters may purport to work for regulated firms

(iii) Victims will approach the fraudster, or vice-versa, to enquire about trading through them

(iv) The fraudster will ask you to make payment into an account name which doesn’t match the company they purport to represent, providing false assurances that your money is safe

(v) In a few days the fraudster will follow up to say that the value of the victim’s investments has doubled and ask for a further payment to “release” the funds back to the victim, or threaten that the entire balance including the original capital will otherwise be lost

If you have made a direct payment to someone who operates a social media account with the above characteristics and have suffered a financial loss, you may be a victim of online fraud.

You are advised to make a report to Action Fraud by speaking directly to their specialist advisers on 0300 123 2040. For more information please visit

When You Contact Us

If you contact us by telephone, email, post or use another function offered by Arena Capital Fx, such as the chat feature, we will collect any information about the communication and any additional information that you choose to give us. We will use this information to review, investigate and respond to any comment or question that you may raise. Please note that we record and retain all telephone calls and other communication with us and may use it in our dealings with you, including any dispute resolution or legal proceedings.