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Become Our Partner

Introducing Broker

Introduce clients and, We’ll do the rest of the work for you, while you can receive a generous revenue based on their performance and trades.

Online Affiliate

Use promotional materials to expand your traffic and refer traders to Arena Capital Fx, adjust your partnership and claim some of the highest commissions.

Trading Academy

Focusing on education trading? Arena Capital Fx powerful platforms can create a world where the client is prepared to take on the markets.

Money Manager

Trade advanced Multi-Account-Manager platform, customise your trading conditions, enjoy a growth of your client base and claim a management fee & profit sharing.

Call Center

If you have your own support and marketing teams, we can help you extend your reach and your business. Our expertise and knowledge can serve as a springboard to success.

Service Provider

Introducing a new technology, innovative platform, signal provider – all and more are welcome to join this unique plan, designated for technologically innovative partners.


Partner Dynamic Features


You will have a unique QR code to use for promotion. It consists of black squares arranged in a grid, read by an imaging device camera.

Recurring Payments

Receive real-time payments to your wallet and fast deposits, transfers, and withdrawals via your trading account


We'll help you keep track of any changes and we'll send you regular updates as you continue your Arena Capital Fx partner experience